Gents Eclectic 2018

We are running an Eclectic competition in parallel to the regular competition schedule for 2018. There will be a monthly and season Eclectic prize.

The Eclectic score is the best stableford score on each hole over all rounds played during the time period for the Eclectic (month or season). Please refer to the Rules below for more information

Season Eclectic – Final Standings Season_Eclectic_Final_Standings

Oct Eclectic – Final Standings October_Eclectic_Final_Standings

Sept Eclectic – Final Standings September_Eclectic_Final_Standings

Aug Eclectic – Final Standings   August_Eclectic_Final_Standings

July Eclectic – Final Standings  July_Eclectic_Final_Standings

June Eclectic – Final Standings   June_Eclectic_Final_Standings 

May Eclectic – Final Standings”  May_Eclectic_Final_Standings 

Eclectic Rules 2018”     Eclectic Rules 2018

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