Ladies Results

White Elephant Competition – 12 Holes (Sat23rd /Sun24th/Tues26th February)

1st Nett – Nóirín O’Rourke- 28 points

2nd-Frances McGettigan; 3rd– Bríd Kenny.

97 Club- Thursday 28th February 2019

1st Nett-Bernie Watson (26)-22 pts;

2nd Nett- Cathryn Mannion (14)-19 pts;

3rd Nett Anne Evans (25)- 18 points.

Ladies Competition (Sat 9th Feb/Sun 10th/ Tues 12th February)

1st Nett- Anne Egan Farrell (20)-26 points

2nd Nett- Eleanor Larkin (23)- 21 points on countback.

12 Hole Club Competition (January 19th, 20th, 22nd Jan.2019)

1st Nett –Ann Marie Hynes (28)- 19 points

97 Club

There was no competition this week.

12 Hole Club Competition ( January 12th, 13th, 15th.)
1st Nett- Lily O’Sullivan (17) 24 points (-2);
2nd Nett -Alacoque O’Connor (15) 21 points.
97 Club
1st Nett – Lily O’Sullivan (17) 19 points.

12 Hole Club Competition Sat 5th Sun 6th & Tue 8th January

1st Noirin O’Rourke (17) 25 pts

2nd Lizzy O’Sullivan (22) 21 pts

12 Hole Sat 8th Sun 9th and Tue 11th

Winner:  Lily O’Sullivan (17) 23pts

12 Hole Sat 22nd Sun 23rd and Mon 24th

Winner: Anne Egan Farrell (20) 23pts

12 Hole Boots Sat 1st Sun 2nd and Tue 4th

1st Bernie Watson (26) 26pts

2nd Anne Egan Farrell (20) 21 pts

97 Club 20th Nov

1st Noirin O’Rourke (17) 22pts

2nd Jean McGowan (28) 21pts

Results for Xmas Hamper: 

1st Eleanor Larkin  (25) 38 pts

2nd Nora St John  (28) 37 pts

Gross Maeve Holmes  (13) 18 gross pts Bk1

3rd Frances McGettigan  (23) 34 pts

4th Lily O’Sullivan  (17) 32 pts Bk9

5th Olive Dolan (25) 32 pts

9 hole comp winner Dympna Hayes  (36) 17 pts

Scramble results 

1st Maeve Holmes, Marion Hendrick, Patricia Kinahan, Mary McHale

2nd Noirin O’Rourke, Bree Meagher and Ann Finnegan

18 Holes Sat 20th  & Tue 23rd October.

1st Nett Elizabeth O’Sullivan (22) 36pts

2nd Nett  Carol McGetrick (27) 34 pts

3rd Nett Siobhan McGrath (11) 33pts BK9

9 Holes Tuesday 23rd October.

Winner: Elizabeth Dunn (25) 15pts (BK6)

1st  Bernie Watson (25) 18pts

2nd Mary Madden (8) 15pts

18 Holes Sat 27th Oct & Tue 30th Oct

1st Nett Siobhan McGrath (11) 35pts

2nd Rosemary Rowe (25) 33pts

9 Holes Tuesday 30th October

Winner: Margaret Egan (33) 19pts

Aug/Sept.Oct Running

1st Anne Egan Farrell 28+23 = 51pts

2nd Margaret Byrne 25+24= 49pts

3rd Camila Fitzgibbon 25+23= 48pts

4th Nuala Hamiliton 23+24=47pts

Athlone Extrusions 27th -29th Oct

Winner: Siobhan McGrath (11) 33pts

18 Holes Sat 13th & Tue 16th October.

1st Nett Anne O’Sullivan (18) 36pts

2nd Nett  Cathryn Mannion (14) 31 pts (BK 9)

9 Holes Tuesday 16th October.

1st  Bernie Watson (25) 18pts

2nd Mary Madden (8) 15pts

St Vincent De Paul 18 hole Stableford Sat 8th and Tue 11th September

1st Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 38 pts BK9

2nd Siobhan McGrath (11) 38 pts BK 9

3rd Catherine Fitzgerald (17) 38 pts

9 Hole Club Competition Tue 11th September

Winner: Patsy Gunning

97 Club 6th September

Noirin O’Rourke (17) 23pts

97 Club 13th September

Nora St John (28) 21pts

Anne Evans (23) 17pts

 AIB 12 Hole Sunday 2nd September

1st Imelda Sheerin (28) 26pts BK 9

2nd Cathyrn Mannion (15) 26pts BK 9

3rd Maeve Holmes (13) 26pts

Nora Costello Memorial  Sat 1st & Tue 4th September

1st Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 36pts BK 9

2nd Nett Olive Dolan (25) 36pts BK 9

3rd Nett Cathyrn Mannion (15) 36pts

Blacoe Jewellers Sat 25th & Tue 28th August

1st Nett Linda Corbett (30) 40pts

2nd Nett Brid Kenny (26) 38pts

3rd Nett Margaret Byrne (11) 38pts Bk 9

4th Nett Catherine Fitzgerald (17) 37pts (BK 9)

9 Hole Club Tue 28th August

Winner:  Cepta McLoughlin (37) 18pts

97 Club 30th August

1st Olive Dolan (25) 22Pts

2nd Cathyrn Mannion (15) 20pts (BK9

President P.J. Naughton’s   Prize Ladies Results Sat 11th & Tue 14th August

1st Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 73

2nd Bernie Watson (25) 74

3rd Nett Linda Corbett (30) 76  (Bk 9)

4th Nett Ann O’Sullivan (17) 76

5th Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 74 (Bk9)

6th Nett Nuala Hamiliton (27) 77

Class A: Noirin O’Rourke (17) 80

Class B: Jean McGowan (28) 78

Class C: Patricia Geoghegan (32) 79

Class D: Patsy Gunning (37) 82

9 Hole : Patricia Finneran

Primrose Cotton Sat 4th & Tue 7th August

1st Nett Marion Hendrick (24) 39pts

2nd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (14) 36pts BK 9

3rd Nett Anne Egan Farrell (20) 36pts

July Monthly Running

1st Camilla Fitzgibbon 30 + 21 = 51pts

2nd Evelyn Wright 27 + 20 = 47pts

97 Club 19th July 12 Holes

1st Angela Veldon (24) 234pts BK 9

2nd Rose O’Hanlon (30) 24pts

97 Club 26th July 12 Holes

1st Assumpta Galvin (28) 26pts

2nd Marion Hendrick (24) 25pts Bk 9

Gateway Insurance, Sunday July 29th (12 Holes)

1st Lizzy O’Sullivan (22) 26pts

2nd Anne Egan Farrell (20) 24pts Bk 9

Ladies Results – Nell’s Closet, Monday 30th July

1st Nett Angela Veldon (24) 37pts Bk 9

2nd Nett Mary Hynes (22) 37pts BK 6

3rd Nett Rosemary Rowe (24) 37pts

Class A: Catherine Fitzgerald (16) 35pts

Class B: Carol McGettrick (26) 36pts

Class C: Bernie Stapleton (29) 32pts

Class D: Ber Kenny (36) 28pts

Temple Printing, Tuesday 31st July

1st Nett Imelda Sheerin (28) 38pts

2nd Nett Maura Kelly (28) 37pts BK9

3rd Nett Rose O’Hanlon (31) 37pts

Aviva Insurance  18 Hole Open Singles Thursday August 2nd

1st Nett Frances McGettigan (24) 39pts

Progolf  Four-ball better ball Friday 3rdst August  

1st Celine Whitelaw (23)     &  M. Gillen (28) 43 pts Bk 6

2nd Niamh O’Regan (10) and Nuala Hammilton (24) 43 pts

 Hodson Sat 21st & Tue 24th July

1st Assumpta Galvin (30) 42 pts
2nd Mirian Malone (Edenderry) (9) 40 pts
3rd Helen King (23) 38 pts
4th Maria Elliot (25) 37 pts b9

9 Hole Club Tuesday 24th July

Margaret Byrne (11) 17pts

Don Panoz Sat 14th & Tue 17th July

1st Olive Dolan 43pts
2nd Catherine Fitzgerald 40pts
3rd Chaba Carney 39pts

97 Club 12th July

Anne Egan Farrell (20) 26pts

Angela Veldon (24) 26pts

Mingala 18 Holes Stableford Sat 7th & Tue 10th July

1st Nett Linda Corbett (36) 41pts

2nd Lizzy O’Sullivan (23) 39pts

3rd Maura O’Faolain (37) 38pts

Lady Captain’s Day

Winner:  Paula McClean (30)  87 Nett

2nd   Linda Corbett (34) 82 2/3  Nett

Gross:   Celeste O’Regan  (13) 82

3rd  Catherine Lenehan (25) 88 2/3 Nett

4th  Sylvia McInerney (32) 91 2/3 Nett

5th  Camilla Fitzgibbon (24) 94 Nett

Class A:  Alacoque O’Connor  (15) 96 Nett

Class B:  Anne Egan Farrell (19) 97 2/3 Nett

Class C:  Kathleen Shaw (32) 101 1/3 Nett

Class D: Patsy Gunning (36) 102 Nett

Past Captain’s: Jean McGowan  (28) 76 Nett (BK 9)

Longest Drive: Celeste O’Regan

Nearest the pin: Patricia O’Meara

9 Hole Competition : Emer Qinn (20pts)

Country/Distance Members Category: Niamh O’Regan

Visitor Prize: Alice Lim


Lady Captain’s 12 Hole Scramble

A very enjoyable Fun Scramble was held on Friday evening with 21 teams participating.  Congratulations to the winners : Mary Madden, Des Madden and Ronnie Madden.

2nd Lily O’Sullivan, Denis O’Sullivan, Eddie Kelly

3rd  Ber Kenny, Paddy Egan, Noirin O’Rourken

4th  Kathleen McDonnell, Ian Holmes, Maeve Holmes


1st Lily O’Sullivan and Lizzy O’Sullivan 41pts

Grosss: Evelyn Wright and Rhona Fitzgerald 24 gross

2nd Anne Evans and Olive Dolan 40pts

3rd Alacoque O’Connor and Nuala Hamiliton 39pts

97 Club

21st June, 2018

1st Eliz Dunne (25) 23pts

2nd Jean McGowan (28) 21pts

3rd Rosemary Rowe (24) 21pts

28th June, 2018

Paula McClean (30) 23pts

5th July, 2018

1st Olive Dolan (27) 24pts

2nd Noirin O’Rourke (17) 24pts

Captain’s Prize to the Ladies

1st Nett Siobhan McGrath (12) 71

2nd Nett Frances McGettigan (24) 72

Gross: Mary Madden (7) 83

3rd Nett Kathleen Shaw (32) 73

4th Nett Assumpta Galvin (31) 75

Class A: Maeve Holmes (13) 76

Class B: Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 75

Class C: Paula McClean (30) 77

Class D: Patsy Gunning (36) 79

Captain’s 12 Hole Scramble

1st John Burns, Ber Kenny,Frances McGettigan

2nd Ray King, Chaba Carney, Helen King

3rd Ian Holmes, Maeve Holmes, Declan Corcoran

4th Padraic O’Connor, Lizzy O’Sullivan, Catherine Linehan

May/June Monthly Running

1st Maeve Holmes 39pts

2nd Anne Egan Farrell 38pts

Athlone Classic Main Prize Winners

1st M.Butler (20)   T MCEnroe        92 pts B9

E Kenny (16)   N.O’Carroll

2ND I Holmes (12)       N.Comber (21) 92 ptsB9

M Holmes (13)      S Feeney (21)

3rd J Joyce (7)            M Benny (25) 92 ptsB9

J Walsh (22)          J Gannon (27)

4th C Quilty (6)            T O’Brien (12) 92 pts

T Gilhooly(6)         D Rushe (10)

5th C Cummins(19)   A Flanagan(17)91bts B6

L Browne (11)     E Gormally(13)

6th  D Corcoran(14)    M Healy(18)    91 pts

V Connaire(17)    F O’Regan(28)

 Nearest the Pin  

Friday                   Peter O’Kelly Lynch €285

Saturday        Seamus Feeney €85

 Longest Drive      Gent    Frank Mc Gowan Jnr

Lady    Ann Geoghegan

Further Prize Winners will be listed when all Sponsorship has been  finalised.

Post Insurance Sat 16th & Tue 19th June

1st Nett Rosemary Rowe (25) 40pts

2nd Nett Jean McGowan (28) 38pts

3rd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (15) 38pts

4th Maeve Holmes (13) 36pts

97 Club 14th June

Jean McGowan (28) 24pts

Ladies Results Utopia Sat 9th and Tue 12th June

1st Nett: Anna Walsh (19) 38pts

2nd Nett: Catherine Fitzgerald (17) 36pts

3rd Nett: Alacoque O’Connor (15) 35pts

4th Nett: Maria Elliott (25) 35pts

97 Club 7th June – 12 Holes

1St Anna Walsh 22pts

2nd Alacoque O’Connor 21pts

Planalife Ladies  Open Singles Stableford 3rd – 4th June  

Winner: Anne Egan Farrell (17) 34pts

Marion Hendricks 18 Holes Stableford  Saturday 2nd June & Tue 5th June

1st Nett Anna Walsh (22) 43 pts

2nd Nett Lizzy O’Sullivan (22) 36pts

3rd Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 35pts

Class (A) Catherine Fitzgerald (17) 35pts

Class (B) Frances McGettigan (24) 33pts

Class (C) Margaret Egan (32) 34pts

Class (D) Patsy Gunning (36) 27pts

Ladies Competition Results

Marion Hendricks 9 Hole Competition Tue 5th June

Winner: Mary Costelloe (36) 16pts

Ladies Committee Prize

1st Nett Celeste O’Regan (14) 78

2nd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (15) 79

Gross: Siobhan McGrath 92

3rd Nett Assumpta Galvin (31) 79

Class A: Maeve Holmes (13) 82

Class B: Camilla Fitzgibbons (23) 81

Class C: Geraldine Adamson (30) 84

Class D: Mary Costello (36) 89

9 Hole Carnoushe Qualifier Wed 16th May

Winner: Maura Kelly (27) 16pts

Australian Spoons  Sat 12th May and Tue 15th May

Winner: Anne Evans & Olive Dolan 35pts Bk9

Gross:   Siobhan McGrath 7 Chaba Carney 17 gross Bk 9

Custom Cuts Sat 5th May & Tue 8th May

1st Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 38pts

2nd Cathyrn Mannion (14) 32pts

3rd Anne Egan Farrell (19) 30pts

97 Club 17th May

Winner: Paula McClean (30) 17pts

97 Club 10th May

Winner: Cathyrn Mannion (14) 22pts

Corner House Bisto –18 Holes Saturday 21st and Tue 24th April

1st Nett Noirin O’Rourke (16) 36pts

2nd Nett Catherine Mannion (14) 35pts

Club Competiton 9 Holes Tuesday 24th April

Winner: Siobhan McGrath 12) 17pts

Collins Spar 18 Holes Sat 28th April and Tue 1st May

1st Nett Brid Kenny (25) 32 pts

2nd Nett Marion Hendrick (23) 31pts

Super Valu Open May 5th – 7th

1st Laura Burke (12) 40pts Mountbellew

2nd Joan Brennan (14) 36pts Castlecomer

3rd Christina Hogan (16) 35pts Mountbellew

97 Club 3rd May

Winner: Liz Dunn (25) 22pts

Monthly Running

Margaret Geoghegan 49pts

Lily O’Sullivan 40pts

Granard Foursomes Sat 14th & Tue 17th April

Winners: Ann O’Sullivan (17) Carol McGetrick (26) 37pts

97 Club Thursday 19th April

1st Nett Margaret Geoghegan (24) 23pts

2nd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (15) 23pts

PGA Tankard 18 Holes Sat 7th & Tue 10th April

1st  Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 37pts

2nd Nett Evelyn Wright (16) 34 pts

3rd Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 32pts

97 Club 12 Holes 12th April

1st Eleanor Larkin (24) 21pts

2nd Patricia Cleary (24) 20pts

97 Club 12 Holes 5th April

Winner:  Margaret Geoghegan (24) 22pts

Sonas Easter Open 18 holes Singles 30th March – 2nd April

Winner: Ciara O’Hara, Donabate (10) 38pts

3 Ts 15 Holes Singles 24th  & 27 March

Winner: Yvonne Walsh (14) 32pts

Better the Score 15 Holes 17th March

Winner: Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 30pts

Shamrock Special Open,18 Holes Stableford, March 17th – 19th

Winner: Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 30pts

12 Hole Stableford Sat 17th Sun 18th & Tue 20th March

1st Nett Margaret Geoghegan (24) 24pts

2nd Nett Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 23pts

3rd Bree Meagher (20) 23pts

Ladies Winter League, Sunday 25th March.


Catherine Fitzgeald, (Captain) Yvonne Walsh, Kathleen McDonnell, Frances McGettigan, Mary McHale. (67 pts)

Runner’s Up:

Lily O’Sullivan (Captain) Cathyrn Mannion, Helen King, Margaret Geoghegan, Kay Delaney.(63)pts

97 Club 12 Hole Stableford Thur 22nd March

1st Eleanor Larkin (24) 23pts

2nd Jean McGowan (28) 21pts

Granard Foursomes

The Granard Foursomes can be played on either Sat 31st March and Tues 3rd April. Please organise a partner and ensure you have opposites for this competition.

Ladies 12 Hole Stableford Tue 20th Feb

1st Nett Anna O’Brien (11) 19pts

2nd Nett Paula McClean (30) 17pts

Ladies White Elephant 12 Hole Stableford Sat 10th & Tue 13th March

1st Eleanor Larkin 24pts Back 9

2nd Cathyrn Mannion 24pts Back 6

3rd Clare Dowling 24pts

4th Margaret Geoghegan 22pts Back 9

5th Noirin O’Rourke 22pts

6th Catherine Fitzgerald 21pts

7th Lily O’Sullivan 20pts Back 6

8th Anna O’Brien 20pts

9th Anna Walsh 20pts Back 3

10th Maria Elliott 20pts

Ladies 97 Club 14th March.

1st Lily O’Sullivan (16) 20pts

2nd Eleanor Larkin (24) 19pts

A 6 hole fun scramble will take place next Sunday 18th Feb  at 2.30 for all lady members.  Tea/coffee and scones will be served at 1.30. Please put you name on the sheet in the Ladies Locker room if you are available to play.

12Hole Ladies Stableford Competition Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Feb

Winner:  Yvonne Walsh (14) 22pts

January Monthly Running

Noirin O’Rourke 45pts

Lily O’Sullivan 41pts

12 Hole Stableford Sat 27th , Sun 28th and Tue 30th January

1st Nett Kay Delaney (28) 23pts Back 6

2nd Nett Noirin O’Rourke (16) 24-1  23pts

Ladies – 12 hole Stableford Sat 13th & Sun 14th Jan

Winner:  Margaret Byrne (10) 20pts

The deadline for all Winter League  rounds has  been extended to Sunday 28th January.  Ladies Autumn Cup Senior and Junior round 1 has also been extended to Sunday 28th January.   Please see Notice Board in the ladies locker room for further details.

Ladies 12 Hole Stableford Sat 6th January

Lily O’Sullivan (16) (18-2) 16pts

December Christmas Running

Eleanor Larkin,

Anne Egan Farrell

Maria Elliott

Kay Delaney.

97 Club Christmas Hamper 7th December

1st  Nett Alacoque O’Connor (15) 27pts

2nd Nett Rosemary Rowe (25) 20pts

3rd Nett Jean McGowan (28) 20pts

4th  Nett Noirin O’Rourke (16) 20pts

5th  Nett Anne Evans (24) 19pts BK9

Ladies  12 Hole Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd Dec

Winner : Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 23 pts

97 Club 9th Nov

1st Eleanor Larkin (24) 18pts

2nd Jean McGowan (28) 17pts

97 Club 16th Nov

1st Anne Evans 24) 19pts

2nd Noirin O’Rourke (16) 18pts

3rd Dympna Hayes (36) 18pts

97 Club 23rd Nov

Winner: Kay Delaney (28)  18pts

 Ladies 12 hole Club Competition 25th, 26th & 28th Nov.

Winner: Anne Egan Farrell (19) 18 pts – 2 = 16pts

Ladies 12 Hole Sat 18th  Sun 19th & Tue 21st  Nov

1st Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 23pts

2nd Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 23 pts

3rd Noirin O’Rourke (16) 23pts

Ladies 12 Hole Sat 11th Sun 12th & Tue 14th Nov

1st Nett Rosemary Rowe (25) 24pts

2nd Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 22pts

3rd Marion Hendrick (23) 21pts

97 Club 9th Nov

1st Nett Eleanor Larkin (24) 18pts

2nd Jean McGowan (28) 17pts

97 Club 16th Nov

1st Nett Anne Evans (24) 19pts

2nd Nett Noirin O’Rourke (16) 18pts

3rd Nett Dympna Hayes (36) 18pts

Ladies Results 12 Holes Sat 4th Sun 5th & Tue 7th Nov

1st Nett Lily O’Sullivan (16) 23pts

2nd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (15) 22pts

3rd Nett Jean McGowan (28) 20pts

Ladies Christmas Hamper

1st Nett Kay Delaney (28) 30pts

2nd Maria Elliot (24) 27pts

Gross Margaret Byrne 17 pts

3rd Ann O’Sullivan (17) 27pts

4th Anna O’Brien (11) 24pts

5th Noirin o’Rourke (16) 24pts

9 Hole – Ann O’Loughlin

Stay in Golf- Linda Corbett

Hallowen Open – Fri 27th – Mon 30th Oct Sponsors Athlone Extrusions

1st Nett Margaret Geoghegan (24) 31pts

2nd Nett Sheila Geraghty (20) 30pts (BK6)

3rd Maria Elliott (24) 30pts

15 Hole Club Sat 28th Sun 29th and Tue 31st Oct

1st Nett Margaret Geoghegan (24) 29pts

2nd Nett Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 26pts

3rd Yvonne Walsh (14) 25pts

12 Hole Club Sat 28th Sun 29th and Tue 31st Oct

1st Nett Bernadette McDonnell (32) 25pts

2nd Nett Ann O’Sullivan (17) 23pts

Sept/Oct Monthly Running

Margaret Geoghegan 24 +23 = 47pts

Lily O’Sullivan 24+21  = 45pts

Eleanor Larkin 23+22 = 45pts

Bernadette McDonnell 22 +21 = 43 pts

97 Club 2nd Nov

1st Patricia Cleary (24) 19pts

2nd Anne Evans (24) 18pts

12 Hole Sat 14th, Sun 15th & Tue 17th Oct

1st Anne O’Sullivan (17) 23 pts

2nd Frances Mc Gettigan (24) 19 Pts . BK 9

Club 18 Hole Stroke Sat 23rd & Tue 26t Sept

1st Anna O’Brien (12) 75 Nett

2nd Anne O’Sullivan (17) 79 Nett

3rd Cathyrn Mannion (14) 81 Nett

Club Competition Sat 7th & Tue 10th Oct

1st Yvonne Walsh (14) 33pts

2nd Anna Walsh (21) 31 pts BK 9

9 Hole Tue 10th Oct

Mary Madden 18pts

9 Hole Club Competition Tue 26th Sept

Dympna Hayes 16pts

Lady Captain’s Away Day

1st Catherine Fitzgerald, Bree Meagher & Denise Lally

2nd Cathyrn Mannion, lizzy O’Sullivan & Maura Kelly

Longest Drive:  Evelyn Wright

Nearest the pin: Cathyrn Mannion

97 Club 21st September

1st Jean McGowan (28) 19Pts Bk 6

2nd Rosemary Rowe (25) 19pts

3rd Kay Shevlin (33) 18pts

97 Club 28th September

1st Bernadette McDonnell (32) 23pts

2nd Margaret Geoghegan (24) 23 pts

18 Hole Club Competition Sat 16th & Tue 19th September

1st Nett Jean McGowan (29) 36pts

2nd Anna O’Brien (12) 33 pts

3rd Nett Anne Marie Hynes (28) 32pts

9 Hole Club Competition Tue 19th September

1st Nett Bernadette McDonnell (32) 16pts

St Vincent De Paul Sat 9th, Sun 10th and Tue 12th  Sept

Winner: Lily O’Sullivan (16) 32 pts

9 Hole Club Competition Tue 12th Sept

Dympna Hayes (36) 15pts

August Monthly Running

1st Bernadette McDonnell 52pts

2nd Frances McGettigan 40pts (count back)

97 Club 14th September

1st Lily O’Sullivan (16) 21pts

2nd Bernie Watson (25) 18pts

3rd Kathleen Shaw (32) 18pts

97 Club 7th September

1st Eleanor Larkin (23) 28pts

2nd Cathryn Mannion (14) 22pts

Coffee Haven Sat 2nd & Sunday 3rd September

Winner: Maeve Holmes (13) 35pts

Nora Costello Memorial  Sat 2nd & Tue 5th Sept

1ST Nett Breda Ryan (25) 39pts

2nd Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 35pts

3rd Nett Anna O’Brien (12) 34 pts

9 Hole  Club Competition Tue 5th September

Mary Corbett, 36) 10pts

Blacoe Jewellers Tue 29th August

1st Nett Camilla Fitzgibbon (24) 38pts

2nd Nett Kay Delaney (28) 35pts

3rd Nett Noirin O’Rourke (16) 33pts (BK9)

9 Hole Club Competition Tue 29th August 

Dympna Hayes (36) 16pts

97 Club Thursday 31st August

1st Cathryn Mannion (14) 24pts

2nd Angela Veldon (22) 21 pts

3rd Patricia Cleary (24) 20pts

 Presidents Prize

1st Nett: Anna O’Brien (13) 74

2nd Nett: Kay Shevlin (34) 75

Gross: Margaret Byrne (10) 87

3rd Kay Delaney (28) 76

4th Denise Lally (32) 76

5th Eleanor Larkin (24) 77

6th Camilla Fitzgibbon (24) 78

Class A: Noirin O’Rourke (16) 79

Class B : Lizzy ‘Sullivan (22) 78

Class C: Assumpta Galvin (30) 80

Class D: Mary McHale (36) 80

9 Hole: Antoinette Brew

Get Into Golf: Ann Daly

President’s Mixed Foursomes Friday 25th August

1st Paddy and Margaret Egan

2nd Noreen O’Rourke and Des Rushe

3rd Frances McGettigan and Niall Donohoe

4th Ian and Maeve Holmes

5th Declan Corcoran and Sheila Geraghty

Ladies Results – Gateway Insurance, Sunday July 30th (12 Holes)

1st Nett Margaret Byrne (10) 36pts

Ladies Results – Nell’s Closet, Monday 31st July

1st Nett Margaret Byrne (11) 39 pts

2nd Nett Anne Marie Hynes (29) 38 pts (BK9)

3rd Nett Kay Vaughan (23) 38pts

4th Nett Bernie Stapleton (29) 37pts

Class A: Cathryn Mannion (13) 34pts

Class B: Anne Egan Farrell (19) 33 pts

Class C: Patricia Geoghegan (30) 32pts

Ladies Results – Temple Printing, Tuesday August 1st

1st Nett Bernadette McDonnell (32) 35pts

2nd Nett Sheila Geraghty (19) 34pts

3rd Nett Nuala Hamiliton (27) 33pts

Ladies Results AIB, Wednesday August 2nd & Thursday August 3rd

1st Nett Chaba Carney (13) 37pts

2nd Nett Maureen Moore, Edenderry (20) 36pts

3rd Nett Carol McGetrick (26) 34pts

Ladies Results – Pro Golf , Friday August 4th

1st Nett Anne Kiernan, Powerscourt (36) 38pts

2nd Nett Margaret Byrne (10) 36 pts

Ladies July Running

Anne O’Sullivan 48pts (Bk 6)

Carol McGetrick 48pts

Hodson Bay Hotel Sat 22nd and Tue 25th July

1st Nett Margaret Byrne (11) 40 pts (bk9)

2nd Nett Catherine Linehan (26) 40 pts

3rd Assumpta Galvin (31) 39pts

4th Darina Heavey , Visitor (20) 37pts

97 Club 20th July.

1st Maria Elliott (24) 23pts

2nd Alacoque O’Connor (14) 22pts

Don Panoz Sat 15th & Tue 18th July

1st Nett Anna Walsh (22) 37 pts

2nd Nett Bernie Stapleton (29) 35 pts Bk9

3rd Catherine Fitzgerald (18) 35 pts

Michael Moore July 15th/16th

1st Nett Margaret Byrne (12) 39pts

2nd Nett Carol McGetrick (27) 38 pts (BK 9)

3rd Nett Maeve Holmes (13) 38pts

Custom Cuts Sat 8th and Tue 11th July

1st Nett Bernie Watson (25) 38pts

2nd Nett Anne O’Sullivan (17) 36pts

3RD Nett Mary McHale (36) 35 pts

9 Hole Club Competition

Winner: Kay Vaughan 15pts

97 Club Club 6th July  Summer Prize Day

1st Nora St John (27) 29pts

2nd Olive Dolan (26) 28pts

3rd Kathleen Shaw (32) 25pts

4th Jean Mc Gowan (29) 25 pts

5th Bernadette McDonnell (32) 24pts

97 Club 13th July

1st Olive Dolan (26) 27pts

2nd Paula McClean (30) 25pts

3rd Bernie Watson 24) 24pts

12 Hole Fun Scramble Friday 14th July

1st Tom Donohoe, Paule Burke and Michael Donohoe

2nd Mike Healy, John Egan and Padraic Donohoe

3rd Clare Dowling, Eamon Braidan and Declan Corcoran

Lady Captain’s Day

 Last Sunday was Lady Captain’s day, and there was a big turnout to honour the Lady Captain, Noirin O’Rourke. The weather and the course was ideal for golf and the competition proved to be a close fought affair.  After the first 18 holes the leader was Alacoque O’Connor with a great score of (70) followed closely by Frances McGettigan with a score of (71).  The six hole play off saw Frances McGettigan win the Lady Captain’s prize 2017 with a score of 94 nett on the six hole count back.

Winner:  Frances McGettigan (24) 94  nett (B6 play off).

2nd   Alacoque O’Connor (15) 94 nett

Gross   Catherine Mannion (14) 86

3rd  Bernie Watson (25) 94.67 nett

4th  Breda Ryan (24) 95 nett

5th  Nuala Hamiliton (27) 97nett

Class A:  Rhona Fitzgerald (18) 73 nett

Class B: Sheila  Geraghty (20) 72  nett

Class C:  Assumpta Galvin (31) 75 nett

Class D: Patsy Gunning (36) 80 nett

Past Captain’s: Kay Vaughan (23) 77 nett

Junior Prize: Naimh Ingram

Visitors Prize 12 Holes : Mary Madden (7) 26pts

Get Into Golf: Linda Corbett

Stay in Golf: Ann O’Loughlin

Longest Drive: Maree Brennan

Nearest the pin: Siobhan McGrath

Lady Captain’s Fun Scramble – Friday 7th July.

A very enjoyable fun scramble took place on Friday evening where 28 teams turned up to honour the Lady Captain and a great evening was had by all .


1st  Niall Donohoe, Padraic Donohoe and Ronan Donohoe

2nd Rona Fitzgerald, Colm Fitzgerald and Barry Fitzgerald

3rd Ian Holmes, Maeve Holmes and Kathleen McDonnell

4th Bernie Stableton, Padraic O’Connor and Michael Ryan

NBCRI 1st & 4th July

1st :Catherine Mannion & Anna O’Brie  41 pts

Gross: Yvonne Walsh & Maeve Holmes 23pts (Bk9)

2nd  Ann Marie Hynes & Imelda Sheerin 39pts

3rd  Margaret Egan and Cepta McLoughlin 38pts (Bk9)

June Monthly Running:

1st  Bernadette McDonnell 44 pts

2nd  Frances McGettigan 44 pts

Ladies : An Post Sat 24th & Tue 27th June

1st Nett: Margaret Byrne (12) 39pts BK9

2nd Nett: Margaret Egan (33) 39pts

3rd |Nett: Bernie Watson (26) 38pts

4th Nett: Alacoque O’Connor (15) 37pts

Joe Lynch & Sons Toyota Tue 20th June

1st Nett Kathleen McDonnell (22) 40pts (Bk 9)

2nd Helen King (23) 40pts

3rd Imelda Sheerin (30) 40pts

4th Bernie Stapleton (30) 38pts

9 Hole Fun Scramble Sunday 26th June

1st Lily O’Sullivan, Eucharia King and Imelda Sheerin

2nd Kay Vaughan, Helen Finnegan and Catherine Linehan

3rd Clare Dowling, Maura O’Faolain and Evelyn Wright

97 Club 15th June

Jean McGowan (28) 19 pts

97 Club 22nd June

1st  Nora St John (28) 25pts

2nd Rosemary Rowe (25) 23pts

3rd Patsy Gunning (36) 23 pts

Captain’s Prize to the Ladies

1st Nett. Alacoque O’Connor (16) 73

2nd Nett. Maeve Holmes (13) 73

Gross:  Margaret Byrne (12) 86

3rd Nett.  Catherine Mannion (14) 75

Class A. Anna O’Brien (13) 77

Class B. Kay Delaney (27) 77

Class C.  Paula McClean (30) 77

Class D.  Mary Jo Farrell (36) 85

Burgess 12 Hole Sunday 28th May

1st Alacoque O’Connor (16) 26pts

2nd Lizzy O’Sulliven (23) 25pts

3rd Bernadette McDonnell (33) 25pts

Sheffields Ladies Open Day Monday 29th May

1st Nett Clare Dowling (22) 39pts

2nd Nett Sheila Geraghty (20) 39pts

3rd Nett Yvonne Walsh (14) 35pts

4th Nett Maeve Holmes (14) 35pts

Ganlys Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st May

1st Nett Maeve Holmes (14) 39pts

2nd Nett Pauline Bree, Barna (22) 38pts

Collins Spar Saturday 20th and Tuesday 23rd May.

Ist Nett Evelyn Wright (17) 43pts

2nd Nett Kay Delaney (28) 36pts

3rd Nett Maree Brennan (26) 36pts

Class A. Catherine Mannion (14) 33pts

Class B. Bernie Watson (26) 35pts

Class C. Bernadette McDonnell (33) 33pts

The Australian Spoons Competition played on Saturday 13th and Tuesday 16th May was won by Anne Egan Farrell and Nuala Hamiliton with 37 pts.  The gross went to Maeve Holmes and Yvonne Walsh with 20pts. Both pairings now go forward to play in the District qualifying venue, Claremorris on the 13th July .
97 club 4th May, 2017
1st Kathleen Shaw (36) 24pts
2nd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 24pts
3rd Patsy Gunning (36) 24pts
97 Club 11th May, 2017
1st Patricia Cleary (23) 27pts
2nd Geraldine Adamson (35) 26pts
3rd Rena Harney (35) 24pts
97 Club 18th May, 2017
1st Catherine Mannion (14) 23pts
2nd Paula McClean (29) 23pts
3rd Rose O’Hanlon (29) 22pt

Clodagh Boutique Competition – Sat 6th May & Tue 9th May.

1st Nett: Kathleen McDonnell (25) 44pts

2nd Nett: Kathleen Shaw (36) 44pts (count back)

Gross: Maeve Holmes 22pts

3rd Nett: Lizzy O’Sullivan (24) 39pts

Class A: Chaba Carney (12) 39pts

Class B: Olive Dolan (27) 38pts

Class C: Cepta McLoughlin (36) 38pts

Sonas Easter Open Competition 18 Hole Fri 14th – Mon 17th April.

1st Nett Margaret Byrne (13) 38pts

2nd Nett Maeve Holmes (15) 37pts

3rd Nett Alacoque O’Connor (16) 37pts

Ray Walsh Financial Services 18 Hole Competition Sat 15th and Tue 18th April.

1st Nett Maeve Holmes 15) 37pts

2nd Nett Margaret Byrne (13) 36pts

3rd Nett Anna O’Brien )12) 35pts

Easter Running 

Margaret Byrne

Breda Ryan

Lily O’Sullivan

Carol Mc Gettrick

Maria Elliott

97 Club 13th April

1st Rosemary Rowe 24) 25pts

2nd Noirin O’Rourke (15) 21pts

97 Club 20th April

1st Maria Elliott (24) 25 pts

2nd Gertie Spillane (23) 25pts

3rd Kathleen Shaw (36) 25 pts

3 Ts Charity Competition Sat 1st Sun 2nd & Tue 4th April

Winner: Kay Vaughan, 30pts

12 Hole Club Competition Sat 1st Sun 2nd & Tue 4th April

Winner: Marie Elliott (24) 23pts

97 Club Thursday 6th April.

1st Kay Shevlin (35) 24pts

2nd Alacoque O’Connor (16) 22pts

Granard Foursomes, Sat 25th,  Sun 26th and Tue 28th  March
1st Anna O’Brien (12) & Sheila Geraghty (19) 39pts
2nd Marion Hendrick (23) and Margaret Geoghegan (23) 36pts
3rd Evelyn Wright (17) and Maeve Holmes (15) 36 pts

97 Club 30th March
1st Margaret Geoghegan (23) 26pts
2nd Alacoque O’Connor (16) 22 pts
3rd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 21 pts Back 9

Ladies Shamrock Special open Week-end 17th – 19th March

Anne Neary (29) from Strokestown won the competiton with a great score of 32 pts. 2nd place went to Catherine Fitzgerald (17) with 27 p and 3rd Carol McGettrick (26) 26pts

12 Hole Competition Sat 11th, Sun 12th and Tue 14th

st Evelyn Wright (17) 22 pts
2nd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 21 pts
3rd Noirin O’Rourke (15) 20pts
4th Bernie Watson (25) 19pts

97 Club 16th March 12 Holes

1st Bernie Watson (25) 21pts

2nd Olive Dolan (26) 21pts

97 Club 23rd March 12 Holes

1st Lily O’Sullivan (15) 20pts

2nd Sheila Geraghty (19) 19pts

Kevin Grealy  Better The Score March 17th
1st Catherine Fitzgerald
2nd Kay Delaney
Ladies 12 Hole White Elephant Competition.
1st Margaret Byrne (13) 26 pts
2nd Denise Lally (32) 24pts
3rd Kathleen McDonnell (25) 23 pts
4th Catherine Fitzgerald  (17) 23 pts
5th Noirin O’Rourke (15) 21 pts
6th Bernie Watson (25) 20 pts
7th Cathryn Mannion (14)19pts
8th Breda Ryan (24) 18pts
9th Anne Egan Farrell (20) 18pts
10th Eliz Dunne (24) 17pts
Ladies 12 Hole Winter League Final Sunday 12th March.
1st Place: Team Carter (71 pts)
Kathleen McDonnell,Team Captain
Bernie Stapleton
Maeve Homes
Rhona Fitzgerald
Bree Meagher
2nd Place:  Team Bush (68pts)
Maria Elliott, Team Captain
Nora St John
Marion Hendrick
Evelyn Wright
Yvonne Walsh
Leading Qualifier 
Carol McGetrick
97 Club 2nd March
Bernie Watson (25) 19pts
97 Club 9th March
1st Alacoque O’Connor (16) 26pts
2nd Cathryan Mannion (14) 21 pts
Ladies 12 Hold Club Competition Sat 11th and Tue 14th February
1st Catherine Fitzgerald (17) 19 pts.
12 Hole Club Competition Sat 4th Sun 5th and Tue 7th February.
1st Margaret Byrne (13) 24pts
2nd Eleanor Larkin (23 ) 22 Pts
3rd Rosemary Rowe (24) 22 pts.
Fun Team Scramble
1st  Kathleen McDonnell, Bernie Watson and Kathleen Fitzgerald
2nd Claire Dowling, Holly Martin and Kay Vaughan
97 Club  Thursday 9th February
1st Bernie Watson (25) 23 pts
2nd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 22 pts
Ladies 12 Hole Club Competition Sat 28th, Sun 29th and Tue 31st January
1st Carol Mc Gettrick (26)  22pts
2nd Camilla Fitzgibbon (23) 21 pts (back 6)
3rd Kathleen Shaw (36) 21 pts.
Ladies 12 Hole Club Tuesday 15th January
1st Lily O’Sulliven (15) 26pts
2nd Rosemary Rowe ( 24) 24pts
 97 Club 12 Hole Competition Thursday 19th January.
1st Eleanor Larkin (23) 24pts
2nd Jean McGowan (28) 23 pts.

12 Hole Club competition Sat Jan 7th Sun 8th & Tue 10th

1st Claire Dowling (22) 22 pts.

2nd Kay Delaney (27) 21 pts.

 Club Competition 12 holes Sat 31st Dec Sun 1st Jan &  Tue 3rd

Carol McGetrick (26) 23 pts
Ladies Christmas Open 26th December 2016 – 2nd January 2017
1st Margaret Byrne (13) 30 pts
2nd Alacoque O’Connor (16) 30 pts
3rd Sylvia McInerney (31) 28 pts
4th Breda Ryan (24) 27 pts
 Christmas Running
1st Margaret Byrne
2nd Breda Ryan
3rd Lily O’Sullivan
4th Margaret Geoghegan
5th Eleanor Larkin
6th Camilla Fitzgibbon
7th Sheila Geraghty

Club Competition 12 holes  Sat 17th Dec Sun 18th & Tue 20th
1st Kathleen McDonnell (25) 21 Pts

Club 12 Hole Comp 10th/11th/13th Dec
1st Maeve Holmes (15) 24 pts
Club 12 Hole Comp 3rd/4th/6th Dec
1st Ann O’Sullivan (16) 21 pts

Club 12 Hole Comp 26th/27th/29th Nov
1st Margaret Byrne (13) 22 pts
2nd Camilla Fitzgibbon (23) 21 pts

97 Club Christmas Comp
1st Alacoque O’Connor(16) 23 pts
2nd Anna O’Brien (12) 20 pts
3rd Catherine Mannion (14) 19 pts b9
4th Kathleen Shaw(36) 19 pts b9
 Ladies Club
15 Hole Club Comp 22nd Nov
1st Olive Dolan (25) 17 pts
12 Hole Club Comp 22nd Nov 
1st Bernie Wtason (25) 22 pts
Athlone Golf Club’s New President 
At the AGM on Friday last Lily Hynes was sworn in as President of Athlone Golf Club for the coming year.Lily and the Hynes family have a long association with the club and Lily gave a very heartfelt acceptance speech. Everyone in Athlone Golf Club wishes Lily well for the year ahead.
Remembrance Service & Mass 

The Club is hosting a Remembrance Service and Mass for families of deceased members on Monday 28th November at 7pm. All club members and families of deceased members are welcome to attend

15 Hole Comp Sat 12th/Sun 13th.Tues 15th Nov

1st Anna O’Brien (12) 31 pts
2nd Margaret Byrne (13) 30 pts
12 Hole Comp Sat 12th/Sun 13th.Tues 15th Nov
1st Frances McGettigan (25) 25 pts
2nd Kay Delaney (27) 21 pts

15 Hole Club Comp Sat 29th/Sun 30th Oct/Tues 1st Nov
1st Patricia O’Meara (23) 24 pts

12 Hole Club Comp Sat 29th/Sun 30th Oct/Tues 1st Nov
1st Yvonne Walsh (14) 20 pts

97 Club Thurs 27th Oct
1st Bernie Watson (23) 23pts-3
2nd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 21pts-1

Planalife Halloween Open Comp 1 Oct 28th/Oct 29th

1st Noirin O’Rourke (15) 30 pts

2nd Louise Cribben Ballinalsoe(23) 29 pts

Planalife Halloween Open Comp 2 Oct 30th/Oct 31th

1st Kay Delaney (28) 35 pts

2nd Margaret Byrne (13) 31 pts

9 Hole comp Tues 25th Oct
1st Maria Elliott  (24) 18 pts

Club Comp Sat 22nd/Tues 25th
1st Noirin O’Rourke  (15) 30 pts
2nd Margaret Geoghegan  (24) 29 pts

Winter Leagues
Ladies Winter league is now underway. To enter please put your name on the entry sheet in the locker room and pay the €5 entry fee. Best 4 rounds of 12 holes to count

Xmas Hamper & Lady Captain’s Dinner
Ladies Xmas hamper competition and Lady Captain’s dinner will take place on Sunday 6th of November. Please put your name on the timesheet for the golf. For the meal please put your name on the list in the locker room and choose your  main course.

Match Play – Ladies Autumn Matchplay competitions: entry sheets are now up on the noticeboard in the locker room.

Junior Girls
On Saturday some of our junior girls took part in the ILGU Irish Girls Festival of Golf in Birr. They got to meet the Irish Girls golf team and Maria Dunne who played on the Curtis Cup team for Great Britain and Ireland. The girls took part in a number of skills challenges and a Q&A session with Maria. A very enjoyable day was had and the Athlone girls are now hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Irish team in the future. Athlone GC was represented by Niamh Ingram, Holly Martin, Sarah Butler, Mollie McDonnell, Millie OBrien and Caoimhe McCarthy

97 Club Thurs 20th Oct
1st Margaret Geoghegan (24) 22 pts
2nd Alacoque O’Connor (16) 22pts-2

Club Comp Sat 15th/Tues 18th Oct
1st Ann O’Sullivan (16) 35 pts Bk9
2nd Anne Egan Farrell (21) 35 pts
CSS Sat 36 pts/Tues 33 pts

9 Hole Club Comp Tues 18th Oct
1st Patricia Cleary 16 pts

Club Comp Sat 8th/Tues 11th Oct
1st Noirin O’Rourke (15) 31 pts
2nd Anne O’Sullivan (16) 31 pts
3rd Anna Walsh (21) 31 pts
CSS Sat/Tues 33 pts
 Golf Craft  Sat 1st/Tues 4th Oct
1st Eleanor Larkin(24) 36 pts
2nd Sheila Geraghty (19) 35 pts
3rd Yvonne Walsh (14) 32 pts

9 Hole Club Comp Tuesday 4th

Bernie Stapleton (29) 16 pts

Club Comp Sat 24th/Tues 27th Sept
1st Alacoque O’Connor (17) 35 pts
2nd Anne Egan Farrell (21) 33 pts
3rd Margaret Byrne (12) 32 pts
McSharrys Pharmacy Comp Sat 17th/Tues 20th Sept
1st Camilla Fitzgibbon (24) 36 pts
2nd Deirdre Connolly (28) 34 pts
3rd Kay Delaney (28) 33 pts Bk9
CSS Sat/Tues 34 pts

97 Club Thurs 15th Sept
1st Alacoque O’Connor (17) 23 pts
2nd Pat McTiernan (36) 21 pts
3rd Anna Walsh (21) 20 pts

St Vincent de Paul Comp Sat 10th/Tues 13th Sept
1st Cathryn Mannion (14) 36 pts
2nd Evelyn Wright (17) 32 pts (Bk9)
3rd Alacoque O’Connor (17) 32 pts
CSS 33 pts

9 Hole Comp Tues 13th Sept
1st Bernadette McDonnell 13 pts

97 Club Thurs 8th Sept
1st Patricia Cleary (23) 23 pts
2nd Kathleen Shaw (36) 21 pts
3rd Myrl O’Carroll (27) 18 pts

Nora Costello Comp Sat 3rd/Tues 6th Sept
1st Mary Hynes (19) 32 pts
2nd Maria Elliott (23) 31 pts
3rd Ann O’Sullivan (16) 31 pts

9 Hole Comp Tues 6th Sept
1st Kathleen Shaw (36) 17 pts

Presidents Prize Michael Cleary 27th /30th Aug ‘16

1st Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 72 nett

2nd Bernie Watson (26) 77 nett

Gross Siobhan McGrath (12) 90

3rd Kay Delaney (28) 77 Nett

Class A:  Ann O’Sullivan (16)

Class B:  Rosemary Rowe (24) 78 Nett

Class C:  Assumpta Galvin (29) 80 nett

Class D:  Pat McTiernan (36) 86 nett

Blacoe Jewellers Comp Sat 20th/Tues 23rd Aug

1st Yvonne Walsh (14) 34 pts
2nd Kay Delaney (28) 32 pts Bk9
3rd Anne O’Sullivan (16) 32 pts
CSS Sat 33 pts/Tues 33 pts

97 Club 25th Aug
1st Bernie Watson 23 pts
2nd Lily O’Sullivan 22 pts

Junior Girls’ Gala
Despite a menacing forecast for last Friday, the day dawned bright and sunny and so it continued for the Junior Girls’ Gala. This was to be a fun-day and while cards were marked and signed, there was a prize for each competitor. Visitors arrived from neighbouring clubs, Roscommon, Mount Temple and Longford. Junior Convenor Catherine Fitzgerald had a ‘Pink’ theme in the selection of prizes and the pink umbrellas were especially popular! Both Catherine and Clare Dowling have put in an immense amount of work and commitment to the junior programme and this was acknowledged by Lady Captain Margaret Geoghegan. Captain Margaret thanked the volunteers who committed to every Monday and Wednesday over the summer months. She also thanked the girls’ parents for their support and the caterers for providing sustenance. The Athlone Junior Girls presented Catherine with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a jacket in her favourite colour….purple! Our Junior programme has been tremendously successful this year, and we look forward to a bright future for these girls.

Ladies Club
97 Club Gala Day Thurs 18th Aug
1st Alacoque O’Connor (17) 25 pts
2nd Lily O’Sullivan  (15) 24 pts
3rd Olive Dolan (28) 24 pts

Colm Quinn BMW Comp Sat 13th/Tues 16th Aug
1st Lily O’Sullivan (15) 38 pts
2nd Siobhan McGrath (12) 37 pts
3rd Clare Dowling (22) 37 pts
CSS Sat 37 pts / Tues 34 pts

Centenary Cup 6th & 9Aug
1st Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 35 pts
2nd Maria Elliott(23) 33pts
3rd Jean McGowan (28) 32 pts

Best 36 Cepta McLoughlin

9 Holes Competition

 Camilla Fitzgibbon(24) 17 pts

Coffee Haven Open Sat 6th/Sun 7th Aug
1st Evelyn Wright (18) 37 pts
2nd Kay Delaney (28) 35 pts Bk9
3rd Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 35 pts

Primrose Cotton Comp Tues 2nd Aug
1st Marion Hendrick (23) 36 pts
2nd Sheila Geraghty (20) 34 pts

Athlone Boat Club Open Mon 1st Aug
1st Evelyn Wright (18) 38 pts
2nd Maeve Holmes (14) 36 pts Bk9

Ganly’s Hardware Open Thurs 28th July
1st Noreen Keeling (10) 34 pts (Balbriggan GC)
2nd Audrey Headon (17) 33 pts (St. Anne’s GC)
Pro Golf Open Fri 29th July
1st Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 37 pts Bk9
2nd Mary Dowling (21) 37 pts (Skerries GC)
3rd Lily O’Sullivan (15) 35 pts
Dubarry Open Sat 30th/Sun 31st July
1st Mary Hynes (20) 43 pts
2nd Siobhan Forde (13) 36 pts (Gort GC)
3rd Maeve Holmes (14) 36 pts

 AIB Open Comp Wed 27th July
1st Noirin O’Rourke (15) 36 pts
2nd Nuala Hamilton (26) 35 pts
3rd Alacoque O’Connor (17) 34 pts

Temple Printing Open Comp Tues 26th July
1st Christina Hogan (18) 37 pts (Mountbellew GC)
2nd Carol McGetrick (26) 35 pts
3rd Rose O’Hanlon (28) 34 pts

Nell’s Closet Open Comp Mon 25th July
1st Bernie Watson (28) 42 pts
2nd Lizzy O’Sullivan (24) 39 pts
3rd Fiona Quinn (36) 38 pts
4th Deirdre Connolly  (28) 37 pts
Class A Noirin O’Rourke (15) 37 pts
Class B Margaret Geoghegan (23) 35 pts
Class C MJ O ‘Farrell (36) 28 pts

Gateway Insurance 12 Hole Comp Sun 24th July
1st Eileen Sheppard  (17) 24 pts (Parkstone GC)

Play in Pink Day Tues 19th July
The Ladies of Athlone Golf Club embraced the Play in Pink day with gusto. The course was a sea of pink from early morning until late evening. A number of men also dared to ‘play in pink’ and their efforts were very much appreciated. The funds from this day go to Breast Cancer Research at NUI Galway and is endorsed by Darren Clarke.
1st nett Lady Captain Margaret Geoghegan & Margaret Egan 39 pts
2nd nett Kay Delaney & Sheila Geraghty 37 pts
Gross Noirin O’Rourke & Bridie Meagher 20 gross pts
3rd Anne O’Sullivan & Deirdre Connolly 35 pts Bk9
Winner of Men’s 12 hole comp Michael Healy 24 pts
Club Comp Tues 12th July
1st Patricia Cleary (24) 35 pts
2nd Rosemary Rowe (24) 29 pts
 Lady Captain Margaret Geoghegan’s Prize
Congratulations to our Lady Captain Margaret Geoghegan whose Captain’s Prize was held on Sunday. Well done to all who battled through the rain and wind to finish out their round with some great scores. There was a large turnout from all members of the Ladies Club including Beginners and Junior Girls which saw over 90 competitors taking part. Congratulations to our latest major winner Jean McGowan.
1st Jean McGowan (29) 73 nett
2nd Bernie Watson (29) 75 nett
Gross Anna O’Brien (12) 89 Gross
3rd Bernadette McDonell (33) 77 nett
4th Margaret Byrne (12) 77 nett
5th Chaba Carney (12) 78 nett
Class A Siobhan McGrath (12) 78 nett
Class B Breda Ryan (23) 79 nett
Class C Assumpta Galvin (29) 79 nett
Class D Kathleen Shaw (36) 87 nett
Past Captain Lily O’Sullivan (15) 79 nett
Front 9 Alacoque O’Connor (17) 37.5 nett
Back 9 Marion Hendrick (22) 37 nett
Get Into Golf 1st Ann O’Loughlin
2nd Helen Macken
Junior Girls 1st Niamh Ingram
2nd Sarah Butler
Visitor Prize Rose O’Hanlon (28) 26 pts
Nearest The Pin Chaba Carney
Longest Drive Noirin O’Rourke
Post Insurance Comp Sat 2nd/Tues 5th July
1st Frances McGettigan (27) 42 pts
2nd Anna Walsh  (22) 40 pts
3rd Noirin O’Rourke  (15) 36 pts
4th Jean McGowan  (29) 35 pts
Michael Moore Volkswagen Competition Sun 3rd July
1st Evelyn Wright (18) 38 pts
2nd Imelda Sheeran (29) 35 pts
3rd Maria Elliott (23) 34 pts Bk9Hodson Bay Open Sat 25th/Tues 28th June
1st Noirin O’Rourke (15) 34 pts
2nd Rose O’Hanlon (28) 33 pts Bk9
3rd Frances McGettigan (29) 33 pts Bk9
4th Sylvia McInerney (30) 33 pts
AIB Open Comp Sat 18th/Tues 21st June
1st Kay Delaney (28) 39 pts Bk9
2nd Carol McGetrick (27) 39 pts
3rd Anna O’Brien (12) 38 pts Bk9
4th Maria Elliott (24) 38 pts

Captain’s Prize to the Ladies
1st Clare Dowling (25) 66 nett
2nd Brid Kenny (24) 72 nett
Gross Chaba Carney (13) 86 gross
3rd Noirin O’Rourke (16) 75 nett
4th Eleanor Larkin (24) 76 nett
5th Bridie Meagher (23) 77 nett
6th Lizzy O’Sullivan (24) 79 nett
Class A Lily O’Sullivan (15) 79 nett
Class B Maria Elliott (24) 80 nett
Class C Bernadette McDonnell (33) 84 nett

Marion Hendrick Pharmacy Comp Sat 4th/Sun 7th Jun
1st Lizzy O’Sullivan (26) 41 pts
2nd Sheila Geraghty (19) 40 pts
3rd Clare Dowling (26) 39 pts
Class A Ann O’Sullivan (15) 38 pts
Class B Eleanor Larkin (24) 37 pts
Class C Bernadette McDonnell (33) 34 pts

Cooney’s Pharmacy Singles Sun 5th /Mon 6thJune
1st Denise Lally (34) 40 pts
2nd Clare Dowling (26) 38 pts
3rd Patricia Burke (25) 37pts (Mountbellew GC)

Kevin Grealy Open Fri 3rd /Sat 4th Jun
1st Siobhan Ruane (19) 39 pts (Mullingar GC)
2nd Maria Elliott (24) 38 pts
3rd Margaret Geoghegan (24) 35 pts
4th Kathleen Shaw (36) 35 pts

Ericssons Open Four ball Thursday 2nd Jun
1st Siobhan McGrath & Chaba Carney 40 pts
2nd Alacoque O’Connor & Kay Delaney 39 pts

Milestone Euronics Open Singles Tue 31st May/Wed 1st Jun
1st Yvonne Walsh (16) 46 pts
2nd Breda Ryan (24) 38 pts
3rd Cathryn Mannion (13) 35 pts
4th Imelda Sheeran (29) 34 pts Bk6

George Sheffield Jewellers Open Comp Sat 28th/Mon 30th May
1st Noirin O’Rourke (18) 42 pts
2nd Anne Marie Hynes (30) 40 pts
3rd Catherine Lenehan (25) 39 pts
4th Marion Hendrick (22) 36 pts

Burgess 12 Hole Ladies Comp Sun 29th May
1st Kay Delaney (28) 28 pts
2nd Marion Hendrick (22) 24 pts
3rd Imelda Sheeran (28) 23 pts Bk9

Collins Spar Open Comp Sat 21st/Tues 24th May
1st Margaret Byrne (14) 40 pts
2nd Lizzy O’Sullivan (26) 38 pts
3rd Bernadette McDonnell (34) 35 pts
Class  A Chaba Carney (13) 32 pts
Class B Sheila Geraghty (19) 31 pts
Class C Pat McTiernan (35) 32 pts

Australian Spoons Foursomes Competition
1st Siobhan McGrath & Chaba Carney 37 pts Bk9
Gross Anna O’Brien & Cathryn Mannion 24 gross pts
Congratulations to the nett and gross winners who go on to play in The Australian Spoons Connacht comp in Ballina in July.

Clodagh Boutique Open Comp Sat 7th/Tues 10th May
1st Alacoque O’Connor (16) 33 pts
2nd Noirin O’Rourke (18) 32 pts (Bk9)
Gross Anna O’Brien (11) 20 gross pts
3rd Lizzy O’Sullivan (26) 32 pts
Class A Siobhan McGrath (12) 31 pts
Class B Breda Ryan (24) 31 pts
Class C Denise Lally (34) 30 pts

Comp Tues 3rd May sponsored by Joe Lynch and Sons Ltd.
1st Anne O’Sullivan (16) 39 pts
2nd Siobhan McGrath (12) 37 pts
3rd Frances McGettigan (26) 35 pts
4th Anna Walsh (21) 34 pts

Supervalu Open Comp 2 Sun 1st/Mon 2nd May
1st Cathryn Mannion (13) 35 pts
2nd Kay Delaney (28) 33 pts

Supervalu Open Comp 1 Fri 29th/Sat 30th April
1st Ann O’Sullivan (17) 40 pts
2nd Anna Walsh (21) 34 pts

Ladies Committee Prize Major

1st nett Rhona Fitzgerald (19) 70
2nd nett Chaba Carney (13) 76
Gross Cathryn Mannion (13) 93
3rd Bridie Meagher (22) 77
Class A Siobhan McGrath (12) 83 nett
Class B Maria Elliott (24) 77 nett
Class C Fiona Quinn (36) 78 nett
12 Hole Anne O’Sullivan 53 nett

12 Hole Comp Tues 19th Apr
1st Maria Elliott (24) 26 pts
2nd Denise Lally (34) 24 pts Bk6
3rd Nuala Hamilton  (25) 24 pts
4th Siobhan McGrath (12) 23 pts Bk9

PGA Tankard Sat 9th/Tues 12th Apr
1st Lily O’Sullivan (14) 35 pts
2nd Bree Meagher (22) 33 pts
3rd Anna O’Brien (11) 31 pts

12 Hole Comp Sat 9th/Sun 10th/Tues 12th Apr
1st Denise Lally (34) 25 pts Bk9

Ladies Club
3 Ts Comp Sat 2nd/Sun 3rd/Tues 5th Apr
1st Alacoque O’Connor (16) 37 pts

12 Hole Comp Sat 2nd/Sun 3rd/Tues 5th Apr
1st Bernie Stapleton (28) 22 pts

Ladies Club
Better The Score Final Thu 17th Mar Sponsored by Kevin Grealy
1st Nett Siobhan McGrath 37 pts
2nd Nett Noirin O’Rourke 35 pts
3rd Nett Lily O’Sullivan 31 pts Bk9
Shamrock Special Open 17th/18th/19th/20th March
1st Nett Siobhan McGrath (12) 37 pts
2nd Nett Yvonne Walsh (16) 36 pts Bk9
3rd Nett Marie Kelly (20) 36 pts Bk9
4th Nett Tanya White (27) 36 pts Bk9
Don Panoz Qualifying Comp Sat 19th/Sun 20th/Tues 22nd Mar (also qualifier for Irish Open Club Challenge)
1st Yvonne Walsh 37 pts (Irish Open Club Challenge qualifier)
2nd Margaret Geoghegan 37 pts
3rd Marion Hendrick 36 pts
4th Camilla Fitzgibbon 34 pts
5th Breda Ryan 34 pts
6th Ann O’Sullivan 34 pts
7th Margaret Byrne 33 pts
8th Lily O’Sullivan 32 pts
9th Siobhan McGrath 32 pts
10th Brid Kenny 32 pts
11th Alacoque O’Connor 32 pts
12th Olive Dolan 31 pts
13th Cathryn Mannion 31 pts
14th Anna O’Brien 30 pts
15th Assumpta Galvin 30 pts
16th Patricia Cleary 30 pts
11 Hole Club Comp Sat 19th/Sun 20th/Tues 22nd Mar
1st Pat McTiernan 23 pts

15 Hole Comp 15th Mar
1st Maria Elliott (24) 29 pts

12 Hole Comp 15th Mar
1st Catherine Fitzgerald (16) 23 pts Bk9
2nd Bridie Meagher (22) 23 pts Bk6

12 Hole Comp 12th/13th Mar
1st Carol McGettrick (27) 26 pts
2nd Evelyn Wright (18) 24 pts

Winter League sponsored by RosMed Pharmacy
1st Clare Dowling / Catherine Fitzgerald / Maria Elliott / Fiona Quinn / Mary Hynes 73 pts
2nd Maeve Holmes / Margaret Geoghegan / Evelyn Wright / Frances McGettigan 70 pts
Leading qualifiers Clare Dowling and Margaret Byrne 108 pts

Ladies 12 Hole Club Comp 5th/6th/8th Mar
1st Margaret Geoghegan (24) 25 pts
2nd Catherine Fitzgerald (16) 24 pts

White Elephant Comp Sun 21st/Tues 23rd Feb
Winner Mary Madden (6) 25 pts

12 Hole Comp Sat 27th/Sun29th Feb/Tues 1st Mar
1st Anne Egan Farrell (20) 25 pts
2nd Liz Dunn (24) 24 pts

Sunday Feb 14th, Captains’ Drive In 15 Hole Scramble

1st:- Clare Dowling /Aidan O’Driscoll/Michael Evans /Paul Hunter 46.4 Nett

2nd:– John Rice/Michael Cleary /Margaret Geoghegan /Matt Ward 47.4 Nett

3rd:- Chaba Carney/Ger O’Kennedy/George Gunning/Mike Connor 47.5 Nett
12 hole comp 6th/7th/9th Feb

1st Brid Kenny (23) 26 pts

9 hole comp Thurs 4th Feb

1st Clare Dowling (26) 15 pts

12 Hole Comp Sat 30th/Sun 31st Jan and Tues 2nd Feb

1st Jean McGowan (29) 23 pts

12 Hole Comp Sat 23rd/Sun 24th/Tues 26th Jan 

1st Kathleen McDonnell  (24) 25 pts

9 Hole comp Tues 19th Jan

1st Breda Ryan (24) 22 pts

2nd Sheila Geraghty (19) 21 pts

9 Hole Comp Tues 12th Jan

Mary Costello (36) 20 pts

Ladies Xmas Running results

1st Anne O’Sullivan

2nd Maria Elliott

3rd Breda Ryan

4th Yvonne Walsh

5th Brid Kenny

6th Anna Walsh

7th Ann Marie Hynes

8th Denise Lally

9th Bernadette McDonnell

10th Margaret Geoghegan

400 Club Draw

Winners Feb Draw

€500 Joe Gannon

€400 Tom Joe Guru

€300 James Allen

€100 Gerard Elliot

€100 Calvin O’Meara

Winners Christmas Draw (Draw 3)

€500 Michael O’ Keeffe

€400 Anna Walsh

€300 Tom Browne

€100 Vincent Moloney

€100  Connor Brennan

Winners October 2015

€500 Carol McGettrick

€400 Rena Harney

€300 Tom Joe Guru

€100 Michael & Maura O’Faolain

€100 Tom Browne

Winners Sept 2015

€500  PJ Martin

€400  Harry McElroy

€300  Ted Clifford

€100  Tom & Kathleen Shaw

€100  Benny Dunne

Free Membership  Matthew Ward[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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